The Award-Winning Learn-To-Swim DVD Series for Parents and

Their Infants and Toddlers

Follow respected learn-to-swim authorities, Rob and Kathy McKay, as they gently guide parents and their infants and toddlers from the initial stages of water adjustment to creating a relaxed and competent swimmer.


Diaper Dolphins-A whole new visual experience for infants and toddlers

  • Stunning underwater video, colorful toys, captivating soundtrack
  • Sing along with their video friends as they playfully learn to move through the water
  • Endorsed by the National Spa and Pool Institute and The National Swim School Association
  • The McKay’s have been featured on the Discovery Channel, CBS This Morning, Extra, Redbook magazine, Woman’s World magazine
  • Authors of Learn to Swim: Step by Step Water Confidence and Safety Skills for Babies and Young Children DK/Penguin Publishing London and New York 2005


Heather_dad_underParents from all over the world have shared with us that their children watch Diaper Dolphins time and time again. Children have always been fascinated with water and now through these videos they can watch their peers learning and interacting with each other in their aquatic playground. Here they are entertained and positively stimulated by songs, vibrant colors, games and activities as well as an engaging sound track. They begin to recognize the children’s names and identify with them, being motivated to want to learn how to swim. This is only the beginning, as once they experience the real pool with mom and dad, many wonderful benefits will gradually become realized (as described in the benefits section of this web site)


“Rob and Kathy McKay have produced an outstanding how-to-video series. This is how you want to teach your children how to swim.”   Buck Dawson  Founder and Executive Director Emeritus of the International Swimming Hall of Fame,  Fort Lauderdale,  Florida


“Rob McKay is truly a genius in his field. His teaching techniques are both creative and innovative. Moreover, they provide a safe and caring environment for an infant and toddler to develop confidence at their own pace.” Dr. James Katz   Fair Lawn,  New Jersey


Diaper Dolphins Volume I: Water Adjustment and Basic Skills

DDI DVD image composerRob and Kathy McKay guide parents in the sensible, child-centered learn through play approach. A prime opportunity for family bonding and heartfelt hugs. Through games, activities and songs they share methods for water adjustment, propulsive kicking, breath holding readiness and submersion cues. The long term swimming goal of this first in the series is to gradually build on the child’s foundation so that they can eventually perform a 5 second swim with ease and confidence. The skills learned in this video prepare infants and toddlers for the eventual ability to perform safety skills which are demonstrated in Diaper Dolphins Volume II.

After purchasing DVD, a teaching supplement is available by pdf for Diaper Dolphins Volume I. Contact to receive download.

ISBN # 0-9641062-0-5  $25.00 U.S.

42 minutes


Preview from Diaper Dolphins Vol 1


Diaper Dolphins II:Safety Techniques and Beyond

DD II DVD image composerThis sequel to Volume I introduces advanced skills such as jumping in, turning around and swimming back to the side of the pool. Parents are also shown techniques to increase their young swimmer’s endurance,  gradually and safely, increasing both lung capacity and distance swum. The final segment of the video is dedicated to helping families implement a systematic home pool and water safety plan.

After purchasing DVD, a teaching supplement and home pool safety poster entitled the Diaper Dolphin Safety Circle are available by pdf. for Diaper Dolphins Volume II. Contact to receive download.

ISBN 0-9641062-1-3  $25.00 U.S.     

58 minutes



Book-cover-smOur book Learn to Swim is available throughout the U.S. and the world in hundreds bookstores including and Barnes and Noble. Click on: Learn to Swim: Step-by-Step Water Confidence and Safety Skills for Babies and Young Children. If not available in your favorite store, perhaps you can suggest that they carry it. We can be reached at 561-362-5490.Note: The hard copy of the book has sold out in the United States and most countries. Keeping up with the times, our publisher DK/Penguin books is in the process of converting Learn to Swim to the electronic format. In the meantime you may need to order a used copy of the book. If you have any problems locating one contact our office.



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